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This is the 9th release (including remixes) in 2021, and as part of our series of dance music named after cities that we have been working on since the beginning of this year, we have released the song “Jakarta.” The reason why we are continuing with this kind of dance music series can be read in the article we wrote when we released the song “New York City”, so be sure to have a look at it here.

The reason why we went to Jakarta

We made our debut in March 2017 with the song “Best Part of Us,” which…

In 2021, we released our fourth original song, “New York City”.

In the series of dance tracks named after cities, this is the second release following the song, “Tokyo”.

We, AmPm, have been releasing songs with a different vocalist each time, and one of the aspects to this concept is our desire to introduce vocalists to many people. Meanwhile, for a dance track series like this one, every time we release a song, we say “Based on a dance track…” and we felt uncomfortable because we hadn’t really released any standard dance tracks in our music career. Even though we…

We are AmPm, a two-person creative unit.
We debuted in March 2017 with a song called Best Part of Us, which means we are so-called music-based artists, in general perception.
(We’re talking a bit goofy around it, see below).

It has been three years since our debut, and more than anyone or anything else, we are the most surprised.
So far, many people around the world have listened to our songs.
On Spotify alone, we’ve had about 75 million streams. That’s about 14 million people.
It’s a tremendous streams.

| Background before making our debut.

The two of us founded our company in 2015.
This company…


AmPm are a masked creative duo from Japan.

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